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Perform these annual maintenance tips and reduce the wear & tear in and around your home.

Tighten those screws.  If you have a loose cupboard handle or loose window hardware, get the correct size screw driver and tighten those screws now.  Pulling on a loose handle will move the screw around, eventually making the screw fall out.  Once this happens it's a more complicated job to re-screw into an over-sized hole.

Trim any tree branches that are touching your roof or gutters.  These branches act as a highway for mice and give them access into your roof cavity where they can wreak havoc.

Check for leaks in the bathroom.  These can be obvious but are often exposed by a small brown stain.  If a stain is coming through your vinyl or tiles are lifting try to source the origin of the leak immediately before it gets any worse.

Walk around your home and ensure dirt or mulch has not gathered up against your weatherboards or cladding.  The moisture will rot or damage the material.  Clear the debris and ensure there is a suitable air gap between your cladding and landscaping material.

Get an annual gutter clean.  It's an easy way to ensure the rainwater goes where it should and doesn't seep into your ceiling or wall cavity.

Get an umbrella and walk round your home during heavy rainfall.  Have a good look to see how the rain flows across your property, looking for pooling areas and making sure the water flows away from your house not towards.

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