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7 home maintenance tasks to get done before winter hits

With winter fast-approaching, now’s the time to tackle all of those home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. Once the wind, rain, and freezing temperatures hit, the last thing you want is to be outside trying to clear your gutters, or repairing a broken window frame.

To help you get all of your maintenance jobs sorted before winter, we’ve put together a handy list of the most important tasks to complete first.

1. Get your garden in order

An overgrown garden can be a bit of a hazard when winter arrives. Not only can it encourage mould to grow if it’s too near your house, but it can also cause problems if strong winds pull it down or make it scrape against your windows.

To prepare for winter, trim back any greenery that’s near your house itself, and make sure any large branches are cut back too.

2. Clear your gutters

When the leaves are falling in autumn, it’s easy for them to become lodged in your gutters. Something you might not realise until the rain hits and your gutters can’t drain properly.

To make sure your home has proper drainage, and to avoid heading out to clear them in the cold and wet weather, give your gutters a bit of a clean and remove any leaves and debris. It’s a good idea to check your downpipes while you’re at it, too.

3. Inspect your heating systems

Whether you’ve got a fireplace or a heat pump, you’ll likely want to make full use of this come winter. It’s important that these heat sources are clean and ready to go, so be sure to clean out your fireplace and chimney and keep any firewood dry and well-ventilated.

If you’ve got a heat pump, check to see if the unit outside is clear of any greenery or other obstructions, and book in a quick service if it’s been a while since you’ve had it done.

4. Check your paintwork

Exterior painting becomes a lot trickier to complete in winter, so it’s a good idea to look over any areas of your home that might need a fresh coat of paint.

Check for any cracking or peeling paint around window sills and doors, and check that the wood beneath is holding up - if it’s splintering or there are cracks, call our team to come and get it sorted before winter for you!

5. Fix any roofing issues

To avoid any unfortunate water leaks and to make sure your home stays dry and warm, take a look at your roofing. Check that there aren’t any missing or loose tiles, and that there’s no greenery growing where it shouldn’t be.

Make sure to put safety first when you’re using ladders to get up onto your roof. Check out our helpful ladder safety tips before you climb.

6. Secure your windows

A lot of heat tends to be lost in homes where the windows have gaps or are in need of a bit of maintenance. To keep the heat inside where you want it, check over all of your windows to make sure any hinges are tight and working as they should.

If you have wooden windows, you might want to consider getting some foam or rubber strips with adhesive backing to help close up any draughty gaps.

7. Keep your cladding clean

Make sure you clear out any mulch and foliage around your home cladding to ensure there’s a sufficient air gap.

If mulch or shrubs get too close to your home and are hard up against the walls, your weatherboards don’t get a chance to dry out. Without an air gap, they’ll stay wet for longer, which causes deterioration and allows rot to set in.

Got a list that seems like a bit much to get done before winter? Get in touch! Our team can help you check off your jobs to make sure your home is ready for the cooler months ahead.

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