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DIY spring cleaning tips: A handyman's guide

As we’re coming out of the wet and windy months, you might have a bit more pep in your step. Put that energy to good use and use the lighter days to give your home a thorough refresh. Does your garden look more like a jungle? Could your house exterior use a wash? Now’s the time to get out and tackle those jobs that the winter weather made difficult.

To help you out, we’ve put together some DIY spring cleaning tips from our expert handyman team so you can start the season off right.

1. Landscape your garden

Winter isn’t the best time to be doing much around the garden, so now that spring’s here, make the most of it by trimming any overgrown trees, mowing your lawns, and tending to those pesky weeds. If you noticed that the trees around your home wreaked havoc during winter, or that rain was pooling in certain areas of your lawn, you may want to look at contacting professionals to get some smart landscaping done.

2. Clean up outdoor furniture

While it might still be a bit too chilly to sit outside, spring is a great time to clean up all of your outdoor furniture that’s been sitting in storage all winter. Pull out all of your chairs and tables and inspect them for any rust or loose screws so that you can have them all fixed up in time for summer. Now might also be a great time to think about your future outdoor entertainment area–could you use a new deck? Does your current deck need re-staining?

3. Refresh your walls

Spring is the perfect time for a new coat of paint, whether that’s touching up any scuffs on your interior walls or smoothing out any imperfections on the exterior of your home. During winter, moss and other marks can appear on the outside of your home from all of the rain and wind. Do a quick inspection of your exterior walls to see if they need a good wash and whether you might need to get someone in to do it safely.

4. Declutter

The purpose of a spring clean is to refresh and clear out your home, so now’s a great time to declutter and get rid of anything you no longer need. Host a garage sale, or list items on TradeMe or Facebook to make a little bit of extra cash, or donate unwanted items to your local charity store. Be ruthless and be sure to declutter areas where you know things tend to get stored and forgotten about, such as garages and closets.

5. Check your tools

If you’ve had tools that have been sitting out in a garage or shed for the past few months, it’s a good idea to check them over before putting them to good use again. Make sure they’re all in proper working order and that any old batteries are replaced and disposed of correctly, especially lithium-ion batteries. Check garden tools for rust and loose screws, and replace or fix them where necessary.

6. Clean your windows

Window sills and frames can be breeding grounds for mould, especially if they’re not sealed properly. Do a quick once-over of your windows to see what might need to be repaired or cleaned. Use newspaper to clean the glass, and give the edges a good wipe. Check that all latches and hinges are working properly and are free from rust, and make sure there aren’t any cracks or splits in any wooden frames.

Should you need assistance with any repairs or maintenance tasks beyond your DIY scope, we’re always here to help. Happy spring cleaning!

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